Ongoing work

  • Factoring integers using supersingular and anomalous curves, Tako Boris Fouotsa.


  • Avoiding Trusted Setup in Isogeny-based Commitments, joint work with E. Fouotsa, C. Nkuimi-Jugnia and G. Tchoffo Saah, 2024. Eprint

  • SILBE: an Updatable Public Key Encryption Scheme from Lollipop Attacks, joint work with M. Duparc and S. Vaudenay, 2024. Eprint

  • A note on the prime in SQISignHD, Tako Boris Fouotsa, 2024. Draft

  • SIDH with masked torsion point images, Tako Boris Fouotsa, 2022. Eprint



  • Modular Isogeny Problems, joint work with L. De Feo and L. Panny. Accepted at EUROCRYPT 2024. Eprint

  • Exploring SIDH-based Signature Parameters, joint work with A. Basso, M. Chen, P. Kutas, A. Laval, L. Marco, G. T. Saah. Accepted at ACNS 2024. Eprint


  • New SIDH Countermeasures for a More Efficient Key Exchange, joint work with Andrea Basso. To appear at ASIACRYPT 2023. Eprint

  • M-SIDH and MD-SIDH: countering SIDH attacks by masking information, joint work with T. Moriya and C. Petit. To appear at EUROCRYPT 2023. Eprint

  • Supersingular Curves You Can Trust, joint work with A. Basso, G. Codogni, D. Connolly, L. De Feo, G. M. Lido, T. Morrison, L. Panny, S. Patranabis, B. Wesolowski. To appear at EUROCRYPT 2023. Eprint

  • SCALLOP: scaling the CSI-FiSh, joint work with L. De Feo, P. Kutas, A. Leroux, S.-P. Merz, L. Panny and B. Wesolowski. To appear at PKC 2023. Eprint


  • Failling to hash into supersingular isogeny Graphs, joint work with J. Booher, R. Bowden, J. Doliskani, S. D. Galbraith, S. Kunzweiler, S.-P. Merz, C. Petit, B. Smith, K. E. Stange, Y. B. Ti, C. Vincent, J. F. Voloch, C. Weitk ̈amper, and L. Zobernig. Published at CFAIL 2022. Eprint

  • On the Isogeny Problem with Torsion Points, joint work with Péter Kutas, Simon-Philipp Merz and Yan Bo Ti. Published at PKC 2022, Best Paper Award (Invited to the Journal of Cryptology). Paper Eprint

  • A New Adaptive attack on SIDH. This is a joint work with Christophe Petit. Published at CT-RSA 2022. Paper Eprint.


  • SETA: Supersingular Encryption from Torsion point Attacks, joint work with Luca De Feo, Cyprien Delpech de Saint-Guilhem, Antonin Leroux, Péter Kutas, Christophe Petit, Javier Silva, Benjamin Wesolowski. Published at ASIACRYPT 2021. Paper Eprint.

  • SHealS and Heals: PKEs from a key validation method for SIDH, joint work with Christophe Petit. Published at ASIACRYPT 2021. Paper Eprint.

  • SimS: A Simplification of SiGamal, joint work with Christophe Petit, published at PQCrypto 2021. Paper Eprint


  • PhD Thesis: On the design and cryptanalysis of Isogeny-Based Public Key Encryption schemes, 25th February 2022, file.
  • Master thesis: Codes cycliques divisibles sur un corps de Galois premier (Cyclic divisible codes over prime fields), file (in french).